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UL 2158A

How DryerFlex Helps

  • Makes Connecting and Cleaning Easier
  • Protects Against Flame Spread
  • Saves Money on Power Bills
  • Lengthens Dryer Life
Dryer Duct Dryer Flex

DryerFlex Helps Protect Against Dangerous Kinks

Important Safety Tip

Flexible white vinyl bathroom exhaust vent hose should never be used to connect a dryer.  It is highly flammable, deteriorates over time from the heat, and it crushes easily.

Choosing the Right Duct

The dryer's transition hose can be an important factor in saving energy.  It can also be a critical factor in protecting property and even lives.  Why?  Dryer-caused home fires have been documented at levels exceeding 14,000 a year.  Flammable lint accumulates quickly in every exhaust system (even those that have the lint filter cleaned with every load).  This can create a very real fire danger.

What's going on behind the dryer?

A big problem faced in laundry rooms is the crush point.  Dryers naturally vibrate, or get pushed back against the wall.  A transition hose that's not built strong (like every duct that was previously available before DryerFlex) can restrict airflow and actually increase the rate of lint accumulation.

The DryerFlex Advantage

UL2158A Listed

File Number E472188
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Constructed with all aluminum ribbon, DryerFlex fire-rated duct is as flexible as "slinky" foil flex yet stronger than semi-rigid aluminum, making installation easier and every laundry room safer.  Quite simply, DryerFlex provides the best functionality of the old transition ducts without any of the defects.

DryerFlex always maintains its four inch diameter whether fully extended or compressed.  This smooth interior allows the dryer to perform at peak efficiency.  It's strong aluminum ribbon protects against crushing and flamespread.  Choose DryerFlex for exhaust duct that's safe, efficient and easy to install.

Choose the Highest UL Fire Resistance Class

For safety reasons and added peace of mind, only UL2158A Class 0 listed ducting, like DryerFlex, should be used to connect the dryer's exhaust system (non-listed hose such as that commonly used to vent bathroom fans should never be used).  While building code and dryer manufacturers all require a UL 2158A listed transition duct, there are two classes available.  It is very common to find Class 1 rated material that is fairly safe but does develop smoke and flame spread at lower temperatures.  DryerFlex is the only flexible duct that is Class 0 listed meaning it withstands fire exposure up to 482° with zero development of smoke or fire.

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